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Geomatic Precision Systems’ founder & owner, Kent Huxel, has been involved in the surveying and mapping industry since 2015. He started his career with several land surveyors in Washington as well as the Walla Walla Planning Commission. Kent is now working with other surveyors and is also a self-employed construction entrepreneur. Geomatic Precision Systems underwent new management in 2024. Learn more about us below.

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Home Construction

You have a parcel you’d like to develop. Or you want to add on to your existing house. Or you want to remodel. We’ll organize and manage your project and prepare maps for your property to help get your job done.

Fence Construction

You just bought a parcel and want to make sure your neighbor isn’t encroaching on your property. Or you’re building an addition and want to make sure you’re not encroaching. We’ll mark your property boundaries and build your fence to your specifications.

Sea gull on fence

Wetland Delineation

You live near a river and need to know your parcel’s wetland buffers. Or you need to  make sure your new septic tank isn’t too close to the lake. We’ll send an engineer* who can take care of your project quickly and easily.

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